Days Of Messiah

One of the greatest questions we can ask is how Messiah will accomplish all the things that will usher in the Y”mot HaMashiach?

  1. First we must remember that Messiah is not the “divine deity” of Christian dogma.
  2. We must also reiterate that the Christian “Heaven” is a myth (Read the end of the book of Revelation).
  3. How will the days be different from what we are experiencing right now?
  4. What will it be like to experience the “Birth Pangs” of the Messianic Kingdom?
  5. What are the “Iqvot HaMashiach”?

In our Torah Focus “White Papers” we will begin to deal with these questions looking for some positive answers.



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Shalom everyone.

Most of you know by now that we faced some serious setbacks with the loss of a server and unwarranted attacks by some hackers. Nevertheless, we continue to press forward with our teachings and discoveries. We have put the Torah Focus site back up in a very simplistic format. I like to call it the “whitepaper” of “newspaper” look. The┬áparsimonious style is simple to maintain and easily updated. We have opted to trash all the frills and just concentrate on the basics. In other words, we want to devote a greater amount of time to our research and writings.

As we rebuild from the ashes we hope you will come to love our parsimonious method of publishing our discoveries.

Shalom Ubrakhot

Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu ben Abraham

AKA-Dr Walter Oakley

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